Five Star Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
I recently purchased 2 rolls of Gaffers tape, 1 black & 1 white. I had great success with both. I used the tape to hold decorations (flower garland and flag banners) in place on a cafeteria stage...even on vertical surfaces! The tape was easy to tear into whatever size strip I needed (even in half length wise), held decor in place and was easily removed without any damage to the surfaces or the decorations.
Oh, yea. We even used it as it is hold cables in place; it worked well for that too.
Reviewer: Lori Vadnaison - March 24, 2015    

5 out of 5 stars
I found this item while looking for a strong tape to secure some cables to a high traffic floor area in my home. I didn't want duct tape because it is so hard to remove and doesn't come up cleanly when you do so.

I bought this item after reading that it was strong like duct tape but didn't have the previously mentioned issues. I figured it probably wasn't going to be as strong, but decided to give it a try. 

I WAS WRONG! This stuff is just as strong as duct tape and securely holds cables to a hard surface like flooring. And the best part is that it can easily be removed without that sticky duct tape residue all over the floor! I was even able to pull a section of it up in order to adjust its position on the floor, with no problems of less adhesion.

It may not be quite as strong as duct tape in all applications, but I'm glad I found this stuff and will buy it again when I need a strong tape that I can remove later with no worries of marks on the floor and a sticky mess!
                                                  Reviewer: T.M. Harveyon - September 23, 2015  

5 out of 5 stars
I'm a Professional photographer and have been using Gaffer Tape for over 30 years and tried them all. Then I found Gaffers Choice and thought I'd 
give it a try. The price was good and came on time.

Pros- Twice the length then other tapes.
 Adhesive is just right holds whatever you need it to.
Comes off without any adhesive residue.
Fabric is strong but tears clean and even when you need long thin strips.

I I highly recommend Gaffer's Choice. I will be buying it again.
Reviewer: J. Nuzzoon - November 12, 2015  

5 out of 5 stars
I had never bought a roll of gaffers tape before but really wanted some to keep all my cables ran neatly together for weddings I DJ. I was nervous about getting the good stuff and went back and forth between several options available running a comparison. At the end of my analysis I had determined this product by Gaffer's Choice was my best probably option. I ordered the tape and it arrived very quickly; it is a nice large roll. The tape is as rugged and sturdy as one could hope for; it is easy to work with and stays in place well once it is put in place. The purchase was followed up by a courtesy email from the manufacturer thanking me and letting me feel free to contact them with any problems. I am happy I went with Gaffer's Choice gaffer's tape and feel confident I will return to them when this roll eventually runs out. Good stuff. Thanks Gaffer's Choice. 
Reviewer: blkhedrulzon - August 26, 2015   

5 out of 5 stars
First time I have ever heard of or used gaffer tape. Used for a large venue event. I will never use anything else again!! This stuff is gold. Flexible, it was easy to maneuver around many different cords and electrical outlets. Stuck to the floor even though it had dust and small debris on it. Held well--although when directly kicked by small children it was movable. Here is the kicker--even though it was strong--it came off in a snap with no residue--no clean up or sticky gunk left behind. I had everyone asking if they could use it. Sorry to gush over tape of all things, but they say the right tool for a job makes everything run smoother and the work much easier--and this is a game changer for me.
Reviewer: Kon - December 14, 2015