5 out of 5 stars
I own a dance studio and use gaffers tape to tape my many floor edges together. 'Ive been using a different brand for 22 years- I decided to try this one because of the price. I waited to give this review- to make sure that it came up and easy as it went down- and It passed! Its been on the floor for about a month- and came up with no problems!! Its also way easier to put down than other brand. It doesn't seem as sticky- but I've been proved wrong! I will buy it again from Gaffers Choice.
Reviewer: Kimberly Revieon - November 27, 2015  

5 out of 5 stars
Thank you so much for your gaff tape. I'm working sound production on a huge production set making a full length featured film and your tape is great. It works great with taping lapel Mics on the actors in the film. They have told me that they can't tell its on them. With other tape I have used, has fallen off or has made them very uncomfortable. The flexibility and strength is beyond any other tape I have used. I have had other crews on set ask me where I got it from. They love it. I have recommended your tape to all of them. They are sold on it. Thank you again so much for a quality product. I will be ordering more.
Thank you
Reviewer: Arise Studioson - November 1, 2015  

5 out of 5 stars
Excellent quality - the hybrid material is the perfect consistency - tough binding strength, yet you can tear it off the roll by hand. Also the adhesive has super strong sticking power, yet leaves no residue, which is the reason musicians prefer gaffers tape over duct tape. This is premium quality - finest gaffers tape I've used. For the record, I DO NOT receive payments or free products for my reviews.
Reviewer: Cameron Landerson - August 12, 2015  

5 out of 5 stars
Best customer service ever!. Owner of Co. emailed to ask how was the purchase? I had only purchased one roll, and it was not up to my liking. The owner personally selected a new roll and sent it to me as a replacement..That is what I call great customer service. The replacement roll is very good and I will be purchasing more.
Reviewer: Clifton B. - June 9, 2015  

5 out of 5 stars
I work in local theater productions here in my city. Gaffer's tape, REAL gaffers tape is invaluable to my craft and duties. This tape MORE than satisfies my needs. More than that, this company was absolutely the best, they offered this tape at MORE than fair price, and the delivery was practically over night. I now know whom to contact again when i need this tape fast. You can't go wrong with either this tape or this company.
Reviewer: Ben Harperon - October 27, 2015