Uses for GAFFER TAPE...It’s a long list:

Bundling office wires and cables
Labeling storage boxes & drawers
Tape windows and door edges to prevent draughts
Affix posters to the wall
Tape down matting
Patching an umbrella
Block out light gaps in a dark room
Book binding
Tape up holiday, birthday and party decorations

Wrap hockey stick handles
Oars and boat handles
Seal tent rips
Wrap around metal cooking utensils to create a handle
Seal cracks and holes on containers for liquids
Hula hoop wrap
Label coolers

Affixing cables to the floor, wall and ceiling
Making black edges for set pieces, set walls and props
Covering logos
Emergency paint substitute (black/white)
Repairing ripped curtains
Holding set pieces together before screwing together
Muffle sound of shoes on stage
Binding the script
Affixing props to shelves, walls and tables
Marking “center stage” on the stage
White gaffer tape can mark edges of steps and the stage (black outs)

Taping down microphone and instrument cables
Bundling multiple cables
Solidifying microphone and instrument (drums/keyboard) stand positions
Wrap on drum sticks for added grip
Place on drum head skins to reduce ring and feedback
Patching speaker cones
Taping wireless packs to the performer
Labeling walkie-talkies
Angling speakers and monitors
Taping instrument straps
Labeling instrument and computer cases
Taping down performance gear

Affixing cables to a surface (floor/wall/ceiling)
Taping down rolled up lighting plans
The empty roll can cover wall switches you don’t want turned on
Write on white gaffer tape to label consoles
Affixing gels to lights
Stage marking where to focus the lights
Label lighting decks
Hold a beverage can safely on the lighting desk (lay the roll on its side and use the core)

Wrap tool handles for a better grip
Taping screws together and taping bundled screws to deconstructed units
Covering splinters in wood floors
Masking tape for painting
Storing nuts & bolts together
Covering dangerous floor cracks
Pick up hard to reach objects by wrapping a stick with the “sticky side” out.

Hem pants
Quick tailoring
Fixing holes in shoes
Can hold up pants or a skirt in an emergency
Replacing broken straps
Covering Taps on tap shoes
Removing hair and debris from clothing
Covering logos on clothing
Give shoes better traction